The Leading Moroccan-German Recruitment Specialists

Workforce Loesungen is a recruitment agency focusing on the German employment market, specialized in recruiting, obtaining visas, work permits, and training Moroccan employees for German companies.

Our mission is to satisfy the most pressing employment needs of German companies by providing recruitment services and legal advice that will enable them to find, hire and keep the most motivated, qualified and productive Moroccan employees.


Why Workforce bridges?

  • Our staff in charge of requirement consists of highly experienced HR professionals.
  • Our requirement deadlines are reasonable.
  • We take care of the entire immigration legal process.
  • Our client can choose to purchase only the service he needs from our whole offer.
  • Workforce bridges works with a national network of contributors acting on employment and who generate job applications proactively: The National Agency for the Promotion of Employment and Competencies (ANAPEC), Office of Vocational Training and Employment Promotion (OFPPT).

Thanks to its team with many years of experience in the fields of recruitment and international mobility, as well as its network of experienced recruiters, Workforce bridges is able to meet the needs of companies requiring a highly qualified workforce and of foreign employees looking for a job in Germany.